The New York Rangers are apparently in dire need of a savior to rescue them from the pains of an 18-year Stanley Cup drought. The fans, and probably Glen Sather too, thought they had wrangled that savior with last weekend’s Brad Richards signing. Oh boy, are they going to be sad when they hear that Richards has no intention of playing savior for the Blueshirts.

Richards took part in a Q+A with the New York Post’s Steve Serby, fielding questions on the pressure that comes along with playing in New York, being friends with Sean Avery, superstitions, and whether or not he wanted to be viewed as the franchise’s savior.

Q: …you don’t want to be perceived as a quote unquote savior.

A: No, I don’t. Be great if we won a Cup, then you can call me whatever you want.

That’s probably the best answer Richards could have provided, although, “all I have to do is out perform Scott Gomez and Chris Drury” would have played just as well.