Now that the NHL news is slowing down a bit, we can finally focus on playing video games. Sure, a lot of people have been talking about this “going outside” thing, but why would we want that to happen? Our computers and video game consoles are all inside!

Thankfully, EA Sports recognizes this and they’ve released a brand new trailer for NHL 12.

If you’ve been waiting for the day where you can hit an NHL player hard enough that he breaks through the glass and showers the crowd with dangerous shrapnel, that dream is almost a reality. If you’ve ever wanted to knock a goaltender’s helmet off or send him crumbling down to the ice in a heap, you’ll be able to do that too.

If you want Tim Thomas to finally have an accurate helmet design… you’ll have to keep waiting.

But you CAN knock that inaccurate helmet off right of his head, so that’s pretty good, right?

The game does seem pretty realistic though as it doesn’t show the Canucks scoring a goal in Boston.

The trailer also has a shot of Semyon Varlamov on the Capitals, so apparently EA Sports is joining the rest of us in refusing to believe that the Avalanche would actually trade a first and second round pick to Washington for Varlamov.

Hopefully all of these enhancements, from broken glass to goalie fights, don’t make the game too ridiculous to play. It seems like EA is focusing on adding features that rarely happen in NHL games. How often does someone break the glass with a check? How about someone checking the goaltender behind the net so hard that his helmet flies off? What about a goaltender fight?

Sure, all of these things are exciting when they happen, but they rarely actually do.

Though these features are probably better than the “finger bite taunting” and “season ending headshots” that have recently been added to the actual NHL.

Maybe EA Sports is onto something. We’d rather see a player flip over the boards after a check than see someone lie motionless on the ice after a late hit or elbow to the head. Perhaps the actual NHL should be more like the video game and less like a primitive fight to the death.

Or maybe we should really consider going outside.

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  1. The NHL90′s series on SEGA was, and remains, the coolest. I made Gretzky’s head bleed… like, a lot. That was awesome.

  2. True most of this new things dont happen so often in real life and yes i would love to see a player get knocked out when his injured seing him not being able to get up seing a stretcher come out? adding blood would be a hude addition but that will never happen,
    now what about the fighting engine not only isit first person but the hole engine is bad its just a race of who can flick the joy stick faster no way can gionta beat chara strenght in a fight should be there for a reason and plus everybody just disappears? make it third person real fighting hardcore punches brawls ect….. also would like new commentators a new voice maybe making it optional? crowds need to be more crazy like in the playoffs, or when you are pushing a player on the boards fans in front row will be bangin on the boards… more chants.. seing some get up noway is everybody allways siting down some go to the bathroom get food ect…also when the away team scores home fans should “”BOOOUUUH”" witch they did not in nhl 11… be a gm needs to be improved hiring/firing/ staff/coaches… little things to like warm ups, suspensions, more animation, playoff beards, more celebrations, also when being score against maybe being able to like hit the post with your stick “”mad celebrations”" i guess lol i notices also goalies still pass the puck so slowly? player faces look so bad! no highlights of whos on fire? exemple luccic has 6 points in his last 5 games 3 goals and 3 assist… or gomez has 3 points in his last 10 games 1 goal and two assist ..maybe talk about this when the game starts?… so much more n more n more could be added but just this for now is good enough! also note that 98% of this will NOT be added in nhl 12

  3. BUOYA!!!! Love it.

  4. I fear the new “goalie interaction” just means your goalie will act like a retard more often. Which is one of the reasons there are so many holes in my basement wall…

  5. Hi There. This post was brilliantly helpful, and kinda gave me a kick in the butt. Thank-You.

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