The free agency fracus, unnecessary five hour television marathon, frenzy has now simmered down, and NHL players are presumably working out or doing something athletic between now and training camp, but we can never be sure. So here’s our new post looking at how those wild and crazy puckheads are spending their summer vacation. This might become a weekly post, or it could disappear forever after today. What blog is this again?

When the little ball of fury otherwise known as Jordin Tootoo was first introduced to the hockey universe at the World Junior Championship in 2003, his unique background was no secret. He’s the first NHL player of Inuit descent, and hails from the frosty northern nether region of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

So his unique hobbies and free time activities certainly aren’t a surprise either, but that doesn’t make the 28-year-old any less fascinating.

Following Tootoo on Twitter offers a glimpse into a culture so different and foreign that it’s incredible to imagine a person who goes from dating Kellie Pickler to hunting seals, and from strapping on shoulder pads to zipping up a thermal jacket, poking holes in the ice, and reeling in some Arctic Char.

We’re sure Jason Spezza is spending his summer dressed exactly like this.

When he’s not fishing, he’s preparing to fish. And when he’s not fishing or preparing to fish, he’s hunting some other animal alongside Big Bad Barney. To call Tootoo’s existence from September to April/May-ish the polar opposite of his home life would be a vast understatement.

Tootoo easily has the most drastic change in both environment and culture when he heads home for the summer. Think that’s flirting with hyperbole? Well, have you ever had caribou heads for dinner? And if that delicious treat was being carved up in your kitchen, would you rub your belly with delight?

And is this your idea of a limousine?

And do you often find yourself hunched over a snowmobile holding a shotgun during your summer vacation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you either have an odd and exotic appetite, or you get some really weird looks while you’re pushing a snow sled next to fast moving vehicles.

Tootoo’s intriguing summer lifestyle doesn’t end with his hunting adventures. He’s also an engineer of sorts, winning first place in a Canada Day boat race with a fine sea-going vessel constructed out of cardboard, 10 rolls of duck tape, and three rolls of tuck tape.

With that Tek Savvy sponsorship Georges Laraque should have been on board to bring the energy, and the ladies.