The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Molson Coors’ $375-million sponsorship deal with the NHL on Tuesday, ending a dispute with rival brewer Labatt. The NHL announced its partnership with Molson Coors back in February, but Judge Frank Newbould of the Ontario Supreme Court put a damper on the deal in June when he ruled in favour of Labatt following accusations that the new partnership violated an existing deal between the league and the beer maker.

David “The Hammer” Shoalts of The Globe and Mail reports on today’s ruling:

The NHL and Molson Coors won big on Tuesday when the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld their $375-million sponsorship deal.

Rival brewery Labatt was the loser, as the court upheld Molson’s appeal of a lower court decision that rejected the agreement between the NHL and Molson for the league’s North American rights beginning with the 2011-12 season. Labatt argued the NHL improperly broke off a sponsorship agreement with them for the league’s Canadian rights to strike the deal with Molson.

Dave Perkins, president and CEO of Molson Coors Canada expressed his satisfaction with the decision:

“Molson Coors Canada feels vindicated by Ontario Court of Appeal’s ruling today to reinstate our NHL sponsorship and are thrilled to be able to pursue our aspiration of delighting fans of the NHL this season and beyond.”

So that’s it, Molson and Coors products will dominate the taps in NHL arenas. Anything else you’d like to drink will have to line the sleeves of your jacket… but watch out for pat-downs.