We love eBay. Whether we’re using it to find deals on Atlanta Thrashers merchandise after the team has moved, gifts for our loved ones or just plain terrible stuff, eBay is always an excellent place to find the perfect mix of excitement, despair and curiousity that you’re looking for.

Of course, since the Boston Bruins  won the Stanley Cup last month, a lot more Bruins stuff has appeared on eBay. Today, we look at some of the best. (Note: By “the best” we mean “the strangest and in come cases the worst.”)

You see that menacing photo of Zdeno Chara up there? That’s been giving us nightmares for a while. We know that it’s just a photo, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to run for our lives when we see it. It’s just that terrifying. If anyone is going to jump out of a photo and eat our souls, it’s Zdeno Chara.

Obviously, not everyone feels the same way.

Apparently someone wants a giant version of that photo plastered on a wall in his or her home.

Okay, it’s not exactly the same photo, but it still strikes fear into our hearts. Can you imagine placing that in a child’s room? That kid will spend the rest of his or her days muttering “Can’t sleep, Zdeno will eat me” while rocking uncomfortably in bed.

If that’s what you want, it’s available here for the ridiculous price of $98.99.

While your child is suffering from extreme mental anguish in bed, you’ll probably want to relax with a smoke in a far away room. There’s no better way to do that than with a Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Locker Room Cigar. We wonder if the Bruins were smoking these at their victory party?

Sure, it was actually Henrik Sedin who Thomas knocked over, but that doesn’t make this drawing any less awesome. Look at all the Cups behind Thomas!

Of course, it’s not just Stanley Cup merchandise on eBay. There are plenty of other “great” Boston Bruins deals as well.Have you ever wanted a “Rare 1973-74 Topps Bruins Logo Sticker Insert?” The one pictured above could be yours for $14.99! Of course, it also labels the Bruins as the Penguins, but we assume the seller noticed that and just didn’t include the information anywhere in the listing. Maybe that’s what makes it rare.

We admittedly don’t know that much about Terry O’Reilly other than his on-ice actions. There may be a perfectly good reason why he’s apparently tripping over a pot of gold (or possibly a pot of hockey pucks) on this t-shirt that we’re not aware of. It certainly seems strange however.

If you know why, please tell us. Wondering about it won’t keep us up at night as long as the Chara picture will, but we’re still interested in finding out. Also, the starting bid for the shirt is $64.99.

Of course, you can’t really call yourself a Boston Bruins fan if you don’t have a magazine featuring a topless Bobby Orr playing tennis, can you?