Our journey through the offseason escapades of NHL players with the help of their Twitter accounts returns. A post that debuted with a look at the northern adventures of Jordin Tootoo last week now turns its attention to Taylor Hall, Edmonton’s promising young winger.

Taylor Hall’s rookie season in the NHL left Oilers fans with exactly what they needed: hope, and lots of it. His 22 goals placed Hall fourth among rookies in scoring, and his 42 points were behind only Jordan Eberle on the Oilers’ roster. An 18-year-old when the puck dropped on the season back in October, Hall did all of this despite a disappointing end to his year after a high ankle sprain suffered in early April during his first career fight cut his season short.

By extension that injury also made Hall’s offseason that much longer, meaning that he’s had plenty of time to watch reality dating shows, and catch fish that are only slightly bigger than a Tim Hortons large double-double.

As always, we dispatched the HOTH iTeam (me) to sift through Hall’s rather active Twitter account to see just what keeps a young, rich hockey player occupied during the summer months when he’s not working out and rehabbing an injury, assuming he’s been doing those things. We really have no idea what young men with money could possibly do with their time.

It turns out that when he’s not pursuing hockey-related endeavours–like tagging along with the Oilers’ brass at the draft–Hall was doing exactly what the rest of us were doing during that frenzied build-up to July 1.

He was on Jagr Watch.

Before pursuing the elusive Jagr, Hall demonstrated his astute angling skills, reeling in this scale-breaking pike while showing his Blue Jay pride. Tootoo will see your pint-sized pike, Taylor, and raise you two caribou heads.

The only obstacle holding Hall back from pursuing his new-found love of fishing further is the online, open-book boater’s license test that he failed. Twice.

When he’s not unleashing his inner outdoorsman, Hall is taking his offseason workout routine back to his childhood roots, slinging rubber at a road hockey net with its structural integrity seriously in doubt.

Similar to the on-ice Hall, the off-ice Hall is versatile and diverse, showing a wide range of interests that also includes the latest in reality dating shows. Casting a critical eye towards The Bachelorette a few weeks ago, Hall observed that all the male contestants trying to swoon Ashley are “dusters.”

NHL scrubs have demonstrated their ability to land Hollywood first-liners like Lizzy McGuire for several years, so producers of the next season of The Bachelor should pounce on the interest of Hall and cast him as the show’s puck bunny prize. In an unprecedented move it could even be a dual Bachelor, and Hall could be featured alongside Paul Bissonette, more commonly and comically known as BizNasty.

That offseason project for the summer of 2012 may keep Hall away from the rink a little more than he’d like, but it’ll better than seeing his vehicle suddenly disappear.