I clearly remember the self appointed coach of my intramural hockey team in university asking me on the first day of tryouts what kind of hockey player I was. I told him I was a stand in front of the net and take abuse Dave Andreychuk type. Sure enough, I delivered some of the goods on that comparison and scored 15 of the ugliest goals you’d ever see that season. At the time I wanted to say “Cam Neely”, but knew full well that I’d never be able to live up to that kind of self aggrandizing – what with my unapologetic love for booze and McDonald’s… sometimes it’s better to promise less and deliver more.

We’ve got a feeling that former Thrashers/Jets prospect Danick Paquette was just trying to keep Washington Capitals fans’ expectations in check when he chose to compare his style of play to that of one universally detested Pittsburgh Penguins player. Or maybe Matt Cooke’s campaign of terror over the last few seasons has earned him a few fans. Paquette was not only unapologetic when asked about his blind-side hit on Adam Mitchell during a development camp scrimmage, but he actually compared his game to that of known monster Matt Cooke!

Paquette via Stephen Whyno of The Washington Times:

“I’m a pretty dirty player. I did my job, like Matt Cooke.”

For good measure, here’s Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau praising Paquette’s game:

“If Colie Campbell was watching it might’ve been a little bit of a dirty hit in the first period, but that’s what he’s gotta be is one of those guys that everybody loves to hate,” Boudreau said. “And he scores a goal, hits a guy with what was a clean hit in the third period and ends up getting into a fight. He did everything what you expect him to do.”

Paquette made his way to Washington in exchange for Eric Fehr last Friday. Likening one’s self to Cooke probably isn’t the best way to introduce yourself to a new team, but then again it might be an effective way to foster a bit of a reputation before playing in even one NHL game.