The Dump & Chase: 07/14/2011

Huselius on the shelf 4 to 6 months

Blue Jackets winger Kristian Huselius suffered a torn pectoral muscle lifting weights in Sweden last week and will be having surgery in Columbus on Thursday. Huselius is expected to miss 4 to 6 months. GM Scott Howson told Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch that he expects to start receiving some calls from teams looking to move a winger.

Pronger’ slow recovery

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger could miss the start of training camp for the second straight year, via Broad Street Bull:

“I would say I’m quite a bit behind where I would be, training-wise, and workout-wise,” he said on TSN. “Whether I’m at camp or not, I don’t know that yet. It’s still early to tell. I would guess I would not be starting camp, just from the mere fact that I haven’t been able to work out at all yet. I’m skinny to begin with, and now I’m looking really skinny.”

Bill Watter’s distasteful July 3rd joke

Great stuff yesterday from Pension Plan Puppets that tackles comments made by Toronto radio host Bill Watters about Cody Franson:

“Well, I’m at a loss. The only… you’ve got to look through his statistics, he’s got some offensive flair, he is not what you would call a rugged, truculent, testosteronic, guy… He’s more of a 3rd of July parade guy. He likes to enjoy the good life and I don’t, I just can’t put a reason behind why you’d give up on a 6’5 defenceman with offensive skill unless he’s just a bit too soft.”

If Watters intended this as an anti-gay slur, it is unacceptable. Leafs fans haven’t had a lot to be proud about over the last few years as far as on-ice matters are concerned, but off the ice, the Leafs organization has given us several reasons to cheer. The Leafs have been at the forefront of the developing movement to confront and eliminate homophobia in hockey.

NHL 12 to feature “signature traits”

According to a producer’s blog, NHL 12 will feature player traits that will match up more closely with their real-life counterparts. Joe Thornton will set up down low and look for teammates in the slot, Matt Cooke will drive opponents through the boards long after the puck is gone, Henrik Sedin won’t hit anything, and Roberto Luongo will presumably fail to show up for important games on the road.

Leonsis’ great expectations

It’s quotes like this one from Capitals’ owner Ted Leonsis that keep our own Rick Moldovanyi up at night hoping for failure, all in the name of writing some quality Leonsis jokes:

“The team will make the playoffs, as I promised, 10 to 15 years in a row. There is a 10 to 15 year horizon. Woody Allen said, half of success in life is showing. Well, you’ve got to make the playoffs in order to compete for the Cup.”

Kevin Westgarth to marry Bill Cowher’s daughter

L.A. Kings tough guy Kevin Westgarth is set to wed Meagan Cowher, daughter of former NFL coach Bill Cowher, on August 12th. Meagan was a basketball standout at Princeton, so it’s probably a safe bet that any offspring will be blessed with some athleticism. Better hope they don’t get stuck with grandpa’s angry face, though.

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