Winnipeg Jets Logo Ideas

Apparently the rest of the hockey world is a bit more proactive than the Winnipeg Jets themselves.

As mentioned on Puck Daddy recently, a Vancouver-based group is running a contest where fans can design the new Winnipeg Jets logo. The contest is not affiliated with the Jets in any way, but those running the contest hope that it inspires the Jets a little bit.

You can see the contest entries here. Many of them are quite good and there are even a few that we would consider better than the wonderful design we came up with in the photo above.

But that’s not the only group that is showcasing some Winnipeg Jets concepts.

Both Icethetics and PuckDrawn have posted some great Winnipeg Jets ideas recently.

Here’s a sampling of some of the designs posted on PuckDrawn and Icethetics:

Obviously, all credit for those concepts goes to the original designers and we thank them as well as Icethetics and PuckDrawn for sharing.

We also posted a few Winnipeg Jets concepts a while ago, back when it looked like the Coyotes would be the team moving north.

However, we’re still partial to this:

It just doesn’t get much better than that, right? If there’s anything about the Atlanta Thrashers franchise that needs to live on, it’s their terrible, terrible jerseys.

As for what the actual logo and jerseys will look like, no one really knows at this point. We assume that they will be different from the original incarnation of the Jets, but that they’ll still find some way to salute the heritage of that team. However, the last time the Winnipeg team took this long to decide something, they caved into pressure and called the team the “Jets,” so the jerseys are anyone’s guess at this point.

It seems like pretty much everyone in Winnipeg already owns a classic Jets jersey, so True North Sports and Entertainment would be smart to create a new one in order to increase sales.

Whatever the jerseys look like, we’re pretty sure they’re going to sell quite a few. After how quickly season tickets sold out and the incredible enthusiasm around hockey coming back to Winnipeg, we have a feeling that the team’s jerseys will be quite popular.

Much like we’ve learned to do with Winnipeg, we’ll wait and see…

Comments (5)

  1. I would suggest that the jerseys will be similar colours to the old one, though perhaps with a different 3rd jersey. Having said that, I like the last puckdrawn one, by Jacob Webster. They should take that, but switch the colours to the old Jets style.

  2. Thanks for the link Rick. We’ve been amazed at the Jets fan base since day 1 and running the contest has been a blast.

    We chose our first winner yesterday ( , and will continue to accept entries until the Jets announce their logo!

    One minor note is that HiretheWorld is not a marketing company. We are more of a job marketplace where employers who need to get work done can do so by hosting a creative contest or posting contract jobs.

  3. Maybe they haven’t released the logo and jerseys yet because they’re thinking of changing the name… I hope so anyway.

  4. all i know is those jerseys with the jets coming out of the maple leaf are brutal, as are the san jose shark lookalike ones. stick to the classic red, white and blue look they had when they left

  5. Those are all terrible! They better not choose any of these, and hopefully they get more creative then this!

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