It’s Friday, it’s July, and it’s sunny outside.

Those three ingredients are usually the recipe for a disastrously slow day in the corners of the Interwebs occupied by hockey writers who can pursue their craft from the comfort of bed. These are the kinds of days when we make contract offers to Steven Stamkos, or do intensive investigative research to determine the best NHL players by colour.

But never fear, my fellow puck fans and hockey writing brethren, there’s always a Patrick Kane headline to spice up your Friday and bring the weekend that much closer. This time though Kane unfortunately didn’t do anything outlandish like get stuck on a fire ladder, get a mysterious black eye, get caught on camera while sleeping soundly at a random girl’s house, or assault a cab driver.

Nope, this time he did something normal for a professional athlete slugging his way through the offseason. The Kaner injured his left wrist during his offseason workouts, and he’ll have to go under the knife.

In a press release the Blackhawks said the surgery has an estimated recovery time of six-to-eight weeks. We’re exactly halfway through July, meaning a worst case scenario will see Kane fully recovered by mid-September and ready for training camp.

Isn’t that right, doctor?

“Patrick Kane sustained a left wrist injury which came to light recently during his off-season training,” head team physician Dr. Michael Terry said in a statement released by the team. “He will undergo surgery on Tuesday to repair a scaphoid fracture. We anticipate a full recovery in 6-8 weeks and in time for training camp. We do not anticipate any long-term issues.”

Over his four NHL seasons that have been highlighted by a Stanley Cup, the Calder Trophy, and 303 points in 317 games, Kane has been consistently healthy, so there shouldn’t be much concern for Hawks fans about this injury potentially effecting his soft hands even after his recovery.

Kane has missed just 12 regular season games, two of which were due to the flu.