It’s not always easy being a free agent in the NHL. Sure, sometimes you end up signing a lucrative, long-term, front-loaded contract that clearly operates to circumvent the salary cap, but some free agents end up without teams when the next season begins. So what do they do?

Sure, they could retire or head over to Russia and play in the KHL, but those aren’t the only options. They could also head out on their own and attempt to make money in some other ways.

For example, Chris Drury could make the obvious move into frozen treats and license his name and image out to McDonald’s. With the summer being incredibly warm in many major cities right now, we think he’d make quite a lot of cash. Of course, we’d be a little worried that the McDrury would be expensive and ultimately disappointing, but some people in New York would probably buy it.

At this point in his career, it’s pretty obvious that Bryan McCabe is not the Messiah. However, that doesn’t mean that a movie about his life wouldn’t be inspiring. The movie could teach us that just because you can no longer get an NHL contract, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t always look on the bright side of life.

For everything that the WWE has these days, they don’t have a big Russian heel who can strike fear into the hearts of all good Americans. Sure, the USSR may be a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean that Nikolai Zherdev wouldn’t be able to have a successful run reprising Nikolai Volkoff’s gimmick from the 1980s. Is it politically correct? Of course not, it’s wrestling.

This one may not go over too well with anyone who has evolved past the Cold War days, but we’re pretty sure that Don Cherry would be a fan of this gimmick. We can see him faithfully booing whenever Zherdev sings the Russian National Anthem before a match.

If Jarkko Ruutu isn’t signed to another team, we’re sure that he’d be able to turn his reputation for biting into a lucrative deal with Milton Bradley. We’d buy it.

If Bryan McCabe can make a movie, what’s stopping Ethan Moreau? Rather than a tale of Moreau’s life, this would be an action-packed blockbuster that would leave the crowd on the edges of their seats!

Who needs Steven Stamkos as the NHL cover athlete when you could have Madden himself? As a bonus, think of all the money EA will save since all of their  ”Madden” marketing can now cover two games!