Nothing says late July quite like Tomas Kaberle carrying a sword and shield while surrounded by large men in pink overalls.

Would you like an explanation, or would you just like to get lost in the beauty of Kaberle’s wide-eyed, lethal weapon bearing grin?


Czech Republic tradition expert and Globe and Mail hockey scribe James Mirtle uncovered this gem from, a Czech website that documented Kaberle’s day with the Stanley Cup on Wednesday. A rough translation produced the following result:

In the large ballroom to welcome him officially was the mayor. He then gave him a shield with the town coat of arms. “And as the modern defender must be able to even attack, here Tomas have a sword,” he said.

The event took place at what was termed a “Knights of Columbus” establishment. I’ve never had the pleasure of frequenting such a friendly sounding place, but I imagine it resembles a monthly Stonecutters meeting. High-ranking men sit around a large square table and devise plans to keep the Martians under wraps, and keep the metric system down.

The men in the overalls may or may not be part of that prestigious group, but they’re more likely brought in for ridicule and amusement.

Or maybe they’re just a band called Hello Piggy that greeted Kaberle. Yes, men wanting to wear pink and be associated with piggies does seem more logical.

As you were…