After what seemed like YEARS of speculation and rumour, the Winnipeg Jets new logos have arrived! The logos were revealed on the Winnipeg Jets website today.

Despite the fact that they’re beating the Canadian angle to death with all of the maple leaves, the logos are very nice. We’re looking forward to seeing them on a jersey.

The only thing that’s confusing is the maple leaf in the wordmark. It makes it look like “Winnipeg Jet’s” rather than the correct “Winnipeg Jets.” Otherwise, consider us fans. Sure, it’s not the original logo, but this isn’t the original team. Also, it’s not 1996 anymore. Besides, it has the same general colours as the original.

The logos and theme have a classic look to them without running that theme into the ground. The “JETS” font in the wordmark is certainly not a retro font. Even though it doesn’t really match the rest of the design, we like it. It lets you know that this isn’t entirely a throwback concept and conveys the kind of speed you would expect from a team named the Jets.

We certainly like the logos. Now we’re anxious to see the jerseys.

The Jets also released a video that we can see playing as the team takes to the ice:

The logo was actually leaked before it was officially debuted, which could explain why the designs were suddenly unveiled without much prior hype.

Releasing it late on a Friday afternoon in July with very little advance notice was certainly strange, but we’ve come t o expect that sort of thing from the Jets. Traditional public relations practice states that you should release bad news on Friday afternoons so that it passes by unnoticed. It seems like advanced leaks trump that practice however.

According to the Jets website, the logo was inspired by the logo of the Royal Canadian Air Force and that inspiration is evident. It certainly has a military look to it as well as the retro feel that is so popular in the NHL these days.

Fans can purchase merchandise featuring the new logo RIGHT NOW at Jets Gear in Winnipeg. Not that we’re trying to see anything, but the logo looks good on a t-shirt.

The Jets also released their slogan for this season: “Fueled By Passion” as well as their brand identity.

The team’s jerseys were not revealed, but that didn’t stop us from firing up Photoshop and seeing what the logo would look like on two of the jerseys from the previous incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets:

While we’re pretty sure that the actual jerseys won’t look anything like the crude concepts we threw together, it does give us an idea of how the logo will look on a jersey.

It looks good.

What it also shows us that the Jets will now be joining the long list of teams that have a blue jersey with some sort of circle logo on the front. It’s the NHL trend that keeps on giving!

The Jets logo is actually the most different of those designs as it doesn’t have the team’s name written in the circle. The Sabres, Oilers and Islanders also all wear blue with a circle logo. That’s nine of the 30 NHL teams.

We’re going to bet that the jersey has ties on the neck.