Previously on “Radical Jersey Changes:” We looked into some teams that went waaaaaay out there with their jerseys. However, the teams listed last time either used their third jersey as a way to experiment or made a change that didn’t last very long (we’re looking at you, New York Islanders.)

Today, we delve even further into this topic and look at some teams that made drastic, long-term changes to their look.

There are a couple of teams that are impossible to ignore when discussing this topic and one of them is the Buffalo Sabres.

In 1996 the Sabres ditched their well-known blue and gold colour scheme in favour of a whole new look. The leaping Buffalo with the crossed sabres was eliminated and a big white Buffalo head was placed on the front of the jerseys. Surprisingly, the team did not change their name to “the Buffalo Buffalos,” despite what the logo may suggest.

After a decade of wearing black, red and white, the Sabres went back to the more familiar blue and gold scheme in 2006. However, they decided on a new logo: a legless buffalo that looked more like a lightning bolt or a slug. To say that the logo wasn’t very popular would be a stretch. It was dropped for good in 2010 when the Sabres returned to a look more like their original uniforms.

Speaking of teams that it’s difficult to ignore when making a list like this, we have the Vancouver Canucks. The cliché saying that their only constant is change is actually appropriate here. In 1978, the Canucks dropped the blue and green look that had been with them since their NHL debut in 1970 and the “stick in rink” logo that went with it.

What followed was a series of uniform changes that started with a black, yellow and orange jersey that featured a giant “V” on the front and a new logo on the sleeve.

The logo eventually made it to the front of the jerseys where it belonged in 1985. The Canucks used a variation of this design until 1997 when another radical change took place.

A whole new set of colours and a whole new logo were born once again. The Canucks continue to use this logo today despite having – surprise! – a different colour scheme, which is actually the same as their first colour scheme.

Writing about the Canucks jersey history can be tiring.

The Los Angeles Kings are another team that can’t seem to decide on a logo or colours. They came into the league wearing purple and gold, but they changed their colours to silver and black in 1988 when Wayne Gretzky arrived in LA. A new logo came with the new look.

Purple came back to Los Angeles a decade later. The team introduced a new set of uniforms and another new logo in 1998. Some variation of this design lasted until 2011.

The Kings jumped back to a silver and black look in 2008 with a new third jersey. This design (along with a white version for the road) will become the team’s primary look next season.

Of course, these aren’t the only teams to swap clothing on a regular basis. The Pittsburgh Penguins have gone through a blue period, a darker blue period, then a black and gold phase followed by today’s current black and Vegas gold phase. They’ve also switched logos a couple of times as well and the blue has been creeping back into their jerseys for a couple of years now.

The Washington Capitals dropped their familiar red, white and blue look in 1995 in favour of a blue, black and gold design. Their logo during this time was an eagle and later the U.S. Capitol building. Their patriotic colours returned in 2007 with a modified version of the original logo.

Also, thanks to Stephen in the comments of our last post for reminding us of the jersey that the Quebec Nordiques were planning on switching to if they had not moved to Colorado in 1995. has an image:

How well would that have gone over in Quebec City?