The Dump and Chase: 7/26/11

Yashin still won’t go away

In fact, now he’s moved in. Although his agent Mark Gandler said contract discussions haven’t advanced since the Islanders’ interest in Yashin first became public on Friday, he did tell the New York Post that those discussions are ongoing, and the line of communication with Garth Snow remains very, very open.

Yashin has even started to get comfortable in his old surroundings after crossing the pond to start training at the Islanders’ facilities.

Ryan Boogaard speaks

The middle brother of Aaron and Derek, Ryan e-mailed a statement to Mike Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune regarding Derek’s death, and Aaron’s recent arrest.

Although I cannot make specific comments as to proving or disproving the allegation’s against Aaron while the matter is before the court, I can say that our family fully supports him and we are disappointed in both the Minneapolis Police Department and Hennepin County Prosecution Office in their decision to prosecute him.

Aaron had fully cooperated with their investigation and now, just over two months after losing his big brother and still grieving, he will have to endure very public legal proceedings.

Aaron has never sold prescribed and non prescribed painkillers, never bought prescribed and non prescribed painkillers and Aaron does not abuse prescribed and non prescribed painkillers. The prosecutions office did not disclose all the details surrounding the investigation but for me [to] go into more detail about this would go against my previous statement about not commenting to prove or disprove the allegations and Aaron gets his day in court so it can all come to fruition at that time.

The Flyers locker room and the great unknown

Yesterday a report by Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News indicated it was more than just a cap crunch that led to the Flyers trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter prior to the beginning of free agency. Two unnamed players spoke to Gross and said that Richards and Carter may have been voted off of Dry Island.

The 700 Level agrees with our rant yesterday, saying that the partying ways of Richards and Carter were certainly not the only factor in their exit from Philadelphia. But since the trades were so sudden and took place shortly after both players were signed to long-term deals, character issues can’t be dismissed entirely.

Sure, the return on the trades is enough to defend them as such, but the decision to move players of this caliber so soon after signing at least one of them to a lifetime deal, and not terribly long after the other signed his, certainly could also signal that there was a desire to change the culture of the team by subtraction while also gaining different players you want on the ice.


If you’d like to watch Andy Murray behind a bench next winter, you’ll have to go to Western Michigan University. []

The Rangers re-signed defenceman Steve Eminger to a one-year contract worth $800,000. [New York Daily News]

Versus is reportedly closing in on a deal to broadcast college hockey. [Puck the Media]

We hope you’re sitting down for this one. Jonathan Toews has an attractive girlfriend. [Barstool Sports]

A black and gold wedding

The only thing that’s missing is some creepy wedding commentary from Jack Edwards, complete with a soliloquy featuring at least a half dozen civil war references.

Stick tap to Down Goes Brown.