We’re not sure what prompted this friendly little exchange between Jeremy Roenick and a fan at a recent celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, but we’re going to guess it involved an alcoholic liquid of some kind.

The short and poorly shot video below–also a product of the alcoholic liquid–shows Roenick granting a fan permission to deliver a swift left hook to his jaw. While the lucky fan didn’t exactly wind up haymaker style, it wasn’t a little love tap either, and the impact is definitely audible.

Roenick must receive at least a dozen face-punch requests every day, and finally caved for this fan during a moment of weakness. A cursory glance around the dark corners of the Internet led to a message board with the title “if you could punch anyone in the face…,” and Roenick is listed alongside Hitler, Michael Moore, and Bill Clinton.

That’s some pretty elite company. Keep up the good work, J.R.

It’s good to see that even in retirement NHL players are accommodating to fans. We imagine years from now we’ll see a similar approach from Rick Rypien.

Thanks for the latest in fan interaction, Score Buzz. (via Sports Crackle Pop)