Okay, so the Stanley Cup is technically always in Toronto, but it’s not always in the hands of a hockey player. But it was yesterday when Shawn Thornton brought the Cup into the heart of Leafs Nation.

On a side note, if we were ever placed in a situation where we had the Stanley Cup for the day, we’d parade it right by Brian Burke’s office at the Air Canada Centre. We wouldn’t just be bragging either. We’d also be offering inspiration. And bragging.

Here’s NHL.com’s video of Thornton’s day with Stanley in TO:

Thornton’s day with the Cup was certainly different from the last official Stanley Cup parade in Toronto history.

The image above is from Vintage Leafs. It’s the 1967 Stanley Cup parade in Toronto.

The CBC Digital Archives have video footage of that parade. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to embed that clip. It can be viewed here.

The Ontario Archives have a good shot of the 1948 parade in Toronto if you’re interested as well.

Dave Bolland brought the Stanley Cup to Toronto last summer after winning it as a member of the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks and current Leaf Mike Zigomanis took the Cup to Markham as a member of the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins.

Of course, Tyler Seguin plans to bring the Stanley Cup to the Toronto-area as well. Is that considered cruel?

On another side note, does the Star’s headline on that article (“Tyler Seguin to bring Stanley Cup to Toronto“) seem unnecessarily snarky while also managing to sound like a bit of “What could have been?”

So what would a Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup parade look like in this day and age?

Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Parade

That’s just our guess…