The Dump and Chase: 07/28/2011

Former Flyers captain Mike Richards met the Los Angeles media on Wednesday and spoke about his fresh start with the Kings. Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times reports that Mr. Richards is excited to “start a new career” in Lotus Land, and he also hinted at the inaccuracies of the now infamous reality television-esque ‘Dry Island’ story:

“I started thinking it’s [Los Angeles] not a bad place to be and not a bad place to start a new career.”

“It’s tough sometimes seeing these articles or hearing some things that are said when you know that they aren’t true. It’s almost mentally draining when you keep having to back your story up off the ice, defending yourself when people say things that aren’t really correct.”

Richards will wear Brayden Schenn’s No. 10 for the Kings, effectively extinguishing any memory of the nine games the future start spent in a purple and black sweater.

Emery to tryout with Blackhawks

The agent for Ray Emery, J.P. Barry, tells ESPN that his client will attend training camp with the Chicago Blackhawks on a tryout basis. Emery returned from avascular necrosis last season after undergoing a bone-graft procedure, playing in ten games with the Anaheim Ducks down the stretch and assumed number one status in the playoffs while Jonas Hiller was on the shelf. Emery could step into the backup role for Corey Crawford if he’s able to prove he’s healthy once again and beat out Alexander Salak for the job.

Mike Commodore dashes dreams of nerds everywhere

Electing to forgo appeasing the geeks, Mike Commodore will wear No. 22 in Detroit next season rather than pay homage to the deceased Commodore 64 computer system. Commodore on the decision and matching Puck Daddy’s charity pledges via Twitter:

I guess word is out that I will be wearing 22 this year. It was a really tough decision that I went back and forth on many times… wearing 64 would have been neat and cool, but I just didn’t feel like this was the right year to do it. In my opinion getting an opportunity to play in Detroit is a special thing, and I felt like I needed to wear a # that is special to me. 22 is that # for me. I really appreciate the interest and support the #64 generated, I wish @Commodore64 all the best with there computers, as a matter a fact I am going to order one when I get to Detroit, and I will get in touch with @wyshynski about the $64 pledges, and I will match it and donate money to charity. Which charity that is I don’t know yet, but I will figure it that out in sept when I get to Detroit. My bad…I meant @CommodoreUSA…not commodore 64. I also meant “their computers” not “there computers”. #NotaStrongWriter

Kansas City’s NHL hopes take a hit

Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy takes a look at the dwindling hopes of an NHL team (Phoenix Coyotes, perhaps) moving to Kansas City. If there’s a (black and) silver lining to any of this it’s that a potential return of the Raiders to Los Angeles may pick up steam… assuming Al Davis doesn’t live to 100.

Boy hit in groin with hockey ball? Boy hit in groin with hockey ball.