Retirement watch 2011: Mike Modano

Yet another Detroit Red Wings player appears to be on the cusp of walking away from hockey. Unlike Chris Osgood and Kris Draper, Mike Modano didn’t spend the bulk of his career with the Red Wings – instead he built a Hall of Fame career in Minnesota and Dallas with the North Stars/Stars franchise. Modano appeared on the Bob and Dan show at Sports Radio 1310 on Thursday in Dallas, and fielded questions about his intentions for next season. When asked about the possibility of one last tour of duty in the NHL, Modano responded with “I think that [last season] was the swan song”.

Modano was asked if he wanted to make an official announcement on the program, which he turned down, but it seems as though reality has certainly set in for the 41-year old. You can listen to the audio segments in pieces here (via Defending Big D), or get a pretty good summary of what was said and touched on from Brad Gardner’s post at DBD.

A couple points of interest are Modano’s comments regarding the state of the Stars franchise, which he called “a mess”. Many Stars fans and people around the game would probably like to see Modano patch things up with the Stars franchise on his way out, and they’ll be pleased to know that No. 9 didn’t shut the door on working with the team in the future. Assuming the team can get its ownership in order and there’s no animosity between the two sides, then there’s a strong possibility that Modano and the Stars will patch things up.

While it’s by no means official, most signs point towards Modano hanging up his skates. There should be a lot less heated debate as to whether Modano belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame than Chris Osgood’s retirement prompted [ed. note: they'll both make it]. Does Mike Modano make your Hall of Fame?