HOTH Memes is a new feature we’ll be doing on the Houses Of The Hockey blog where we take internet memes (no matter how big or small) and put them into some sort of hockey context.

Last week we started our “HOTH Meme” series with an installment of “At first I was like…” This week, as we continue on our mission to make things uncool, we unveil our new HOTH Meme:”UNITIИU”

From KnowYourMeme:

UNITINU, also spelled UNITIИU, refers to any mirrored image in which the subject has been photoshopped to appear quite ridiculous in bilateral symmetry.

This one scares the BeJebus outta me, and it’s not even a proper UNITIИU, it’s just two halves making a whole. I can’t tell you which side is Daniel and which side is Henrik, you’ll just have to trust me that there are two different (yet “identical”) Sedins here…eww.

If you have any memes you’d like to see us poorly attempt to photoshop, email us at Hockey Cats isn’t a meme (yet) but we’ll try our best to make it one.