Yesterday we mentioned that there has been some discussion about moving the New York Islanders to Brooklyn. Is it likely to happen? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped us from firing up Photoshop and imagining what the “Brooklyn Islanders” would look like. As a side note, we know that “Brooklyn Islanders” doesn’t make all that much sense, but since when has a complete lack of logic stopped something from happening in the NHL?

This is the most obvious concept. Thankfully both “NY Islanders” and “Brooklyn Islanders” include the letters “N” and “Y.” Is it the best logo of all time? Of course not, but it’s still better than anything the Thrashers ever wore.

How does the old Brooklyn Dodgers logo look on an Islanders jersey? Surprisingly not bad. We even came up with a “retro throwback jersey” that looks pretty sharp as well.

Of course, the team doesn’t have to be called the Islanders. If they were going to change it, we would suggest they rename the franchise the “Brooklyn Deckers.”

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but for some reason we think that a team wearing a picture of Brooklyn Decker on their chests would provide some sort of a distraction for their opponents. It would probably help sell tickets too.

Of course, if the team was going to move to Brooklyn, they’d need a new owner. Jay-Z is part of the ownership group that plans to bring the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, so maybe he’d do the same for the Islanders.

However, if that happened we think the team would find itself wearing some more stylish threads than the ones they have now.

We just can’t see Jay-Z keeping the orange and blue. Of course, if he doesn’t end up buying the team, they could always try to drum up ticket sales by appealing to Brooklyn’s hipsters.

They’d probably wear the “Fishsticks jerseys” ironically.

Of course, if the team moved to Brooklyn, they’d probably end up changing some of the “Welcome To Brooklyn” signs to reflect the new franchise.

Yes, DiPietro will be around long after the team’s lease expires in 2015.