The KHL is no stranger to brawls and scraps, but it’s still somewhat surprising to see three fights break out during a “friendly” game. Things got punchy during a Wednesday match between Spartak HC and rival Dukla. Spartak would win their first preseason game by a 5-4 final, but not before tempers boiled over and some punches were thrown.

None of these combatatants is likely to get a call to join an NHL team as its resident goon anytime soon, but here’s a look at the fracas anyway:

Punches to the back of the head and headlocks rule this one:

A little more action here:

Not sure if we can actually call this one a fight:

We’re not sure what to make of this translation, but it certainly grabbed our attention with the “choked” and “made him a cake” stuff:

Hossa scored a goal and choked during a game. The company made him a cake, and Ivan Pavlov, Ilya (twice). The team played three five, twice scored the first and third.

Can we speed up the summer and get to some real hockey?

Stick tap HOTH reader Mark S.