Screaming Chara Is Everywhere

In the summer, one fun thing to do is to follow the adventures of the Stanley Cup as it travels around the world with various members of the championship team. So far we’ve seen the Boston Bruins spend a lot of money at a bar, watched Shawn Thornton take the Stanley Cup to Toronto, witnessed some sort of strange celebration with Tomas Kaberle and so much more.

But enough about those actual celebrations!

We’ve always been enthralled and terrified by that picture of Zdeno Chara above. So, in a sort of Stanley Cup celebration of our own, we took “Screaming Chara” on a world tour to commemorate the Bruins Cup win.

He’s not Canadian, but that didn’t stop Zdeno Chara from accompanying Kate Middleton on her trip to Ottawa on Canada Day. We think he looks quite dashing.

But Kate Middleton wasn’t the only woman Chara spent time with this summer. Want to know the real reason Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up?

The cast of Jersey Shore shot the current season of their show in Italy recently. Apparently Zdeno Chara is a huge fan because he went along with the group on the trip.

And it’s not just Snooki, JWoww and the Situation that Chara is a fan of. Over the summer he also caught Bieber Fever.

But it wasn’t all fun and games for the Bruins captain. He was also in the Situation Room when the Osama bin Laden raid went down.

(Yes, we realize this took place before the Bruins won the Cup. but reality isn’t a key component to this post.)

Chara also found time in his busy schedule to appear on the final film of the Harry Potter series.

During some downtime, Chara embraced one of the Internet’s newest trends. He joined stars like Hilary Duff in the “owling” trend that’s sweeping the web.

After such an exhausting summer, it only makes sense that he’s now spending his time chilling on a patio with a frosty adult beverage.

Go, Screaming Chara Face, Go!