Sean Avery arrest update

More details in the Sean Avery arrest story have surfaced. reports that Avery was released from a Hollywood police station shortly after 8:00 AM PT, and he is scheduled to appear in court on September 2nd.

A separate report from TMZ tells of Avery taunting police officers by calling them “Fat little pigs”. Here’s an updated account of Avery’s brush with law enforcement, complete with an Elisha Cuthbert mention just to tie things together:

We’re told cops were dispatched to the home over a complaint about loud music — and when they arrived to Avery’s pad, the hockey star was NOT happy to see them.

Sources tell us 31-year-old Avery immediately began running his mouth at the cops — telling them he would fight all of them … even challenging them to, “Come back without your badges.”

During the incident, Avery — who famously dated Elisha Cuthbert a while back — allegedly shoved an officer and slammed the front door on the cops.

We’re told cops began speaking with Avery through the door — and warned him that if he didn’t open the door, they would break it down. That’s when Avery decided to open up and cooperate.

This marks the second time this week that Avery has made headlines for unpropitious reasons. Alex Frolov was reportedly quoted in a Russian interview as saying that Avery called opponents racial slurs on the ice when they were teammates. Frolov later denied saying such things, but the initial report had many linking an alleged incident from 2005 in which Georges Laraque accused Avery of directing a slur at him. Avery denied the accusations.

You can commence topping your “it’s been a bad week for…” lists with Mr. Sean Avery. We’ll keep an eye out for more details…