It’s the summer of Sean Avery, apparently. is reporting that the Rangers super pest and gay rights activisit (or racist, depending on what you read) was arrested at his California home for allegedly shoving a police officer.

From those purveyors of smut:

According to law enforcement sources, a neighbor called police to complain about the noise coming from Avery’s home. When police arrived at about 1:00 AM, we’re told Avery answered the door … then shoved a cop and slammed the door behind him.

Police then knocked again, and we’re told Avery came to his senses and opened up. According to law enforcement … Avery was extremely cooperative after that, but was still booked for battery on a peace officer.

He was taken to the Hollywood police station and is being held on $20,000 bail.

More on Avery’s arrest as information is available…

Arturs Irbe on leaving the Capitals

Arturs Irbe offered some clarity on his own departure from the Washington Capitals in an interview with a Latvian website:

“It’s very interesting and entertaining to be a goaltending coach, but it’s a thing of the past for me. Two years of that was enough for me, and I don’t see myself in that role anymore — though I have offers, including long-term ones. I want to grow proffessionally, I want to move on, I want to earn more — after all, Washington is a pretty expensive city. I weighed the pros and cons of working in the Capitals organization and decided that it will be easier for me in Latvia, especially knowing that I have a son. Of course, there were a lot of positive things working for the Capitals, but if I would have stayed there as a goaltening coach, it would have become a routine sooner rather than later for me. Also, I had no career opportunities there. That is why I decided to leave the Caps.”

Via Russian Machine Never Breaks

On the NHL and ESPN

Greg Wyshynski dropped an excellent piece on the NHL and ESPN yesterday, in which he examines whether or not the league made a mistake by leaving the sports channel. A great read definitely worth a thorough few minutes with yer eyes. [Puck Daddy]

Kevin Dineen’s open door policy goes a step further

I’ve always said that the best ‘open door policy’ features no door at all. Kevin Dineen will undertake such an approach in his new role as head coach of the Florida Panthers, via The Saratogian:

“You can say that you’ve got an open-door policy, but you know what? When there’s no door there it makes for a free flow of information both ways. It’s a little easier when you walk down the hallway instead of having to wonder what’s going on behind there. So I just asked them to take a couple of those doors off the hinges.”

The Jack Edwards sound board

This might be the greatest invention ever. Do yourself a favour and check out the Jack Edwards sound board, unless you’re one of those Edwards detractors. [via Days of Y'Orr]

This one’s for my stats nerds…

There’s change in the house of NHL/KHL equivalencies, take note. [Puck Worlds]

Peca named GM of Buffalo Junior Sabres

Michael Peca will be stepping out of the television studio and taking a seat in the executive offices of the Buffalo Junior Sabres of the OHL. You know who wouldn’t get a sniff of the ice on Peca’s team? Jay Bouwmeester… yeah, that makes no sense. [Sabres]

SM-liiga’s Pelicans make decent commercials

Apologies if these are old news, but it’s the first we’ve seen of them. Hey, is that some Truckfighters riffage at the conclusion of these ads?

Give this guy a jersey: