The Ottawa Senators are going to be 20. For the record, yes, that makes us old. Like many people who celebrate milestones, the Senators are going to make a big deal about this occasion. No, they won’t be heading to a club to get ridiculously drunk before throwing up on that cute member of the opposite sex they’ve been staring at all night. That may be how many other 20-year-olds spend their big day, but that’s not in the Senators’ plans. At least not the official ones.

Nope, the Senators have other ideas in mind. Pretty good ideas.

First, they’ve invited all members of the 1992-93 Senators team to attend a special ceremony before the Senators home opener against Minnesota on October 11, 2011. Yes, playing Minnesota means that Dany Heatley will be in the house as well. At least that will mean that Senators fans can continue the recent tradition of booing Heatley with everything they have.

Speaking of the modern Senators’ first game, here is CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada opening from that fateful day in 1992.

The first modern Senators team put together an awful 10-70-4 record in their first year. Hopefully bringing back that awful team won’t doom the 2011-2012 Senators.

How bad were the 1992-93 Senators? Here’s a photo that really represents the modern Senators’ inaugural season:

Ottawa is also going to debut new “Heritage Jerseys” in October. Icethetics has a sample of what those jerseys may look like:

That looks like a pretty nice design that reflects the team’s history well. It represents the original Senators jerseys without being distracting and blinding like the Habs barber pole jerseys were. To be fair, just about anything would be better than having “SENS” plastered on the front. We like the “O” logo much better.

The team will also have a number of special theme nights throughout the year, including a Roger Neilson tribute and a tribute to the first Senators playoff team. There’s currently no word on whether or not they will put together a tribute to the “Spartan” from 2008:

The 2012 NHL All-Star Game will also take place in Ottawa and there are rumours that ScotiaBank Place will be getting a new scoreboard in time for the event.

The Senators celebrating their 20th season means that the Tampa Bay Lightning will be doing the same. While not much has been announced regarding the Bolts’ milestone, the team will be wearing new uniforms this year and sporting a new logo.

Ottawa Senators blog Silver Seven has photos and some additional details of the Senators 20th Anniversary Season launch event.

The Senators official website has also put together a nice video that truly shows the history of hockey in Ottawa:

This is set to be a special year for the Ottawa Senators and their fans.