Legends Coming To NHL 12?

Thanks to @Sean_Leahy of Puck Daddy for sharing this on Twitter and bringing it to our attention. According to the latest NHL 12 trailer, it looks like NHL legends are coming to the upcoming edition of EA’s hockey game.

The description in the trailer says “They’re coming–legends of the NHL. Steel yourself for the next great legend!”

It’s times like this where we wish there was an “OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!” category to file posts in.

So which legends are coming? Let’s take a detailed look at the video!

Shots of Edmonton? The Oilers retro jerseys? We’d know that haircut anywhere!

It’s Wayne!

Could this be Mr. Yzerman himself? Or maybe Gordie Howe?

A right-handed shot in Pittsburgh!? We all know that there are no right-handed shots in Pittsburgh! Except… Mario Lemieux!

Okay, we have to calm down. We’re getting a little overexcited here. This had better not be some lame “You can become a legend in our improved Be A Pro mode!”

We’d be really upset.

NHL 09 had a historic Montreal Canadiens Centennial Team and EA’s NHL Slapshot for the Wii featured Wayne Gretzky. 2K Sports’ NHL 2K series often featured historic teams before the series died. There have been rumours of historic teams in the NHL series for a little while now, and it looks like they may be coming true.

Since there may not be an NBA season this year, NBA 2K12 is featuring several legends in their game. Players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and others. It will even feature 15 historic games that players can relive:

The historic games feature the entire team rosters, accurate stadiums, and are presented to look like TV broadcasts from their respective era.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get that much in NHL 12. From the trailer, it looks like the legends will play in contemporary times against current NHL players, but we’re not sure.

Either way, it’s still cool and it gives us another reason to be ridiculously excited about this game coming out. The trailer shows silhouetted images of seven players including one goaltender. That leaves us guessing as to who will be in the game.

Maybe Patrick Roy? Guy Lafleur? Bobby Orr? Ray Bourque? Jaromir Jagr? Oh… wait. Forget that last one.


Comments (6)

  1. The goalie is Miikka Kiprusoff in my opinion, check the face and number, eh?

  2. I meant the goalie in silhouette at the end. I think you’re right about Kiprusoff.

  3. that goalie is so kipper

  4. guys, he’s not talking about kipper. He’s referring to one of the legends in the silhouettes at the end. we all know it was kipper facing that mysterious **kof gretzky kof** edmonton player.

  5. I can’t wait to trade Gretzky to the Kings within seconds of getting the game.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be a legends version of Jimmy Carson to go the other way….

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