Fishing can be a lot of fun. Even a few hours spent casting lines and coming up without a catch can provide a pleasurable experience when it’s spent in the company of the right people. When it’s all over you head home with dinner, empty handed, or a combination of either fused with a sweet buzz from the beers you slugged while chasing some gill-bearing aquatic vertebrate. Taking home a decent catch, or snagging one only to be released for you sport fishing types, is often accompanied by a tale of how it became so. Nobody ever reports the nibbles, though… except when we’re fishing for news on the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes. In this case, nibbles are all we have to report.

There’s been little noise out of Glendale on the Coyotes front since Matthew Hulsizer walked away in June, but a Monday report from Lisa Halverstadt of the AZCentral states that the NHL and city of Glendale have had repeated talks with two potential buyers. Who those prospective owners may be remains unknown at this time, but Coyotes chief operating officer Mike Nealy confirms that the team continues to hear from two interested parties.

Is it possible that Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf still has interest in buying the Coyotes? There’s nothing concrete to include his name in speculation, but it’s not beyond plausible. Reinsdorf has ties to Glendale, as the White Sox share a spring training facility in the city with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Reinsdorf was a previous candidate to purchase the team, but he appeared to have slipped off the radar amid the rise of Hulsizer’s bid and the eventual Glendale/Goldwater mess.

According to Halverstadt’s report, Glendale city council resumes on August 23rd. We’ll keep an eye out for any developments on the Coyotes sale in the coming weeks.