Here we witness a goaltender’s tomahawk chopping temper tantrum and ensuing brawl in this week’s edition of Why Do European Clubs Fight So Much in Friendlies?

A Tuesday night exhibition game between HC Donbass Donestsk (Greasers) of Ukraine and Slovakia’s HK Nitra (Socs) turned punch-up after Donestsk goalie Evgeny Tsaregorodtsev used his his stick to tomahawk a Nitra player in his crease. Tsaregorodtsev then proceeds to put on a show not even Trevor Gillies could stage before eventually getting tossed:

Tsaregorodstev, whose name I hope to never have to type again, put on a clinic of goaltender deviant behaviour. We don’t see a lot of scoreboard pointing past Midget C, so consider us entertained if not terrified of this Ukraine goalie. Donestsk would win the exhibition game 3-1.

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