Video: Three NHL 12 Legends Unveiled

In what is turning out to be one helluva marketing plan from EA Sports, the game publisher has released yet another trailer highlighting the ‘Legends’ aspect for its forthcoming NHL 12 title. The initial ‘Legends’ trailer featured silhouetted characters that gave viewers subtle hints at who may be included in the new feature. This latest clip lifts some of the mystery by featuring greats such as Wayne Gretzky, Ray Bourque and Chris Chelios in game action.

That’s right, add ‘Legends’ to any team. Colour us giddy as a goat!

Not that Chris Chelios’ absence from NHL video games has been a particularly long one, but here’s to hoping his in-game incarnation is closer to 30-year old Chelios than the guy we last saw in Atlanta. NHL 12 drops on September 13th. We’ll keep you updated on the ‘Legends’ as they’re revealed.