Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Ray Shero formally met with the media on Monday amid speculation on the status of Sidney Crosby as he recovers from a concussion that ended his 2010-11 season in January.

Conflicting reports on Crosby’s health over the weekend prompted Shero to pour some water on the situation in speaking with the Post-Gazette late Sunday night, telling Shelly Anderson that Crosby’s summer workouts had never been shut down and that he was progressing in his recovery. Shero elaborated on Crosby’s status on Monday in Pittsburgh.

Highlights of Shero’s Monday media address in summary, via Penguins official Twitter account:

  • Crosby has worked hard and is happy with his progress over the summer.
  • He has experienced some lingering symptoms, depending on how much he has pushed himself.
  • Crosby will be evaluated a week before camp when he shows up in Pittsburgh.
  • Camp is a month away, so it’s too early to say he will or won’t be ready.
  • At no point this summer has Crosby had to shutdown workouts.
  • Crosby’s long-term future with the club is more important than the immediate.
  • Crosby will not be pushed back into action. He will be 100% before hitting the ice.

It’s obvious that Shero and the Penguins are approaching this with some guarded optimism. In short, it’s just too early for the team and/or doctors to make a call on Crosby’s status for the season opener. Crosby’s reported progress is a good sign, but it seems as though there’s a next step in the process that he has yet to take. A lot can happen in the next month that could impact Crosby’s return either way, and it’s unlikely we’ll know definitively whether he’s ready to go until camp starts.

In the meantime we’ll continue to comment on every ounce of speculation.

More to come…