The Dump and Chase: 08/15/2011

Josh Rimer of SiriusXM’s NHL Home Ice sent hockey fans into a flurry of speculation on Sunday after tweeting the following:

“Also hearing from 3 sources now that Sidney Crosby won’t b ready 2 start season. I hope its not true because the NHL needs its best players!”

The start of the NHL season is under two months away, and there’s been little in the way of updates on Crosby’s status this summer while he works his way back from a concussion. The report from Rimer was met with some skepticism as his tweet conflicted a Saturday report from USA Today’s Kevin Allen that stated that the expectation for Crosby was that he would be ready for the start of the season. You may recall a similar scenario from March when the Fan590′s Bob McCown claimed that Crosby’s family was pushing him to retire rather than risk further injury, Darren Dreger and others refuted that claim.

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported late Sunday that Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma could address Crosby’s status on Monday at the team’s annual summer hockey camp. GM Ray Shero would eventually break the silence in speaking with Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, surreptitiously chipping away at the validity of Rimer’s report while remaining cryptic about Crosby’s status:

“I talked to Sid over the weekend, and I’ve been in touch with his doctors. I think he’s progressed very well this summer.

He’s had some symptoms at times, which is typical of his injury.

He will not be asked to play or pushed to play or cleared to play one minute before he’s ready to play. That said, he’s come a long way this summer.

We’ll see where he is a month.”

Rimer was still standing behind his tweet as of Sunday evening, as he should. Part of his job is to act on tips from sources, and that’s not without some risk. Could Rimer have acted on inaccurate information? Definitely, but it would be unfair to dismiss his report until the team or Crosby’s camp outright refute those claims. Hopefully this story becomes less convoluted later today.

Andrew Ladd speaks out on reports of players wanting out of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Jets forward and former Thrashers captain Andrew Ladd addressed reports from none other than Bob McCown on players wanting out of Winnipeg:

“I haven’t heard that, but if there are guys that don’t want to be in Winnipeg then we don’t want them anyway. We want people that want to be part of a good hockey organization that’s going to create a winning culture. From everyone I’ve talked to — I haven’t heard any of that.”

This is Ladd owning the captaincy. Dear Jets, please don’t screw this up and strip Andrew Ladd of the ‘C’. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Khabibulin leaves prison

Edmonton Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin has completed half of his sentence in Arizona’s ‘Tent City’ for a DUI last summer. Khabibulin still has 15 more days out of a total 30 to serve, although we’re pretty sure tending goal for the Oilers this season should be sufficient punishment for the Russian goalie. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Hilary Duff is preggers

Mike Comrie’s wife took to her Facebook page over the weekend to make a big announcement:

“This weekend, Mike and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary… I can’t believe it has already been a year, time really flies when you’re having fun!

We also want to share the exciting news that…… BABY MAKES THREE!!!”

Comrie’s NHL career is on hold due to injury. [AHN]

Michael Leighton the odd man out in Philly? Shut the front door!

Poor Michael Leighton, his career continues to nosedive since helping the Flyers to the 2010 Stanley Cup Final. It looks like a crease with Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei Bobrovsky won’t have enough room for three. [Courier Post Online, via Kuklas Korner]

Kevin Smith’s ‘Hit Somebody’ will be two parts

Director Kevin Smith’s forthcoming hockey film titled after and based on the Warren Zevon song ‘Hit Somebody’ will be split into two parts. Via Slash Film:

… the split will happen when the main character Buddy – played by Nicholas Braun – makes it to the NHL. The first half of the movie will be about his childhood. Smith flirted with making it a TV show but finally settled on this.