Say what you will about Sheldon Souray the hockey player, but Sheldon Souray the stud is still at the top of his game. Souray was spotted planting a kiss on WWE Diva Kelly Kelly during the entrance for her match at Sunday’s SummerSlam.

Via The Turnbuckle Post:

During Kelly Kelly’s entrance to the ring last night at Summerslam, she kissed a man who was in the crowd sitting ringside. The man she kissed was NHL player Sheldon Souray who plays for the Dallas Stars. The pair are reported to be dating following her split from fellow WWE star Justin Gabriel.

Kelly Kelly later confirmed that it was indeed Souray at ringside along with her mother via Twitter. Colour us surprised! Seriously, we’ve got to see Souray in a mixed tag team match to really blow our hair back. Apologies for the low-res photo. Just look at what they give us to work with…

Stick tap HOTH reader and wrestling junkie Craig K. for sending this our way

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  1. Right, Sheldon Souray wrestling is clearly not a recipe for disaster. People can lay bets on which bone he would break this time…

  2. @Kevin Smith, He is probably only banging her,I do not think Joe Niewendyke and the Stars would let him get in the ring.

  3. Way to go Sheldon. Dudes’s got skills.

    Not hockey skills of course but hey, I wouldn’t complain if I were him.

  4. i hate sheldon souray that’s my job which is kissing kelly kelly i want kelly i love her i want to marry her

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