NHL 12 Gets A Soundtrack

EA Sports has announced the soundtrack for NHL 12. These are the songs you’ll be listening to for a little while before you eventually turn the music off or add a custom soundtrack:

Against! Me – Occult Enemies (Russian Spies/Occult Enemies)
Anthrax – I’m Alive (Worship Music)
Beady Eye – Standing on the Edge of the Noise (Different Gear, Still Speeding)
Billy Idol – Mony Mony (The Very Best of Billy Idol)
Black Tide – That Fire (Post Mortem)
Blackguard – Farewell (Firefight)
Bush – Sound of Winter (The Sea of Memories)
Death Letters – I Wish I could Steal a Sunset (Post-Historic)
Dropkick Murphys – Hang ‘em High (Going out in Style)
ELO – Don’t Bring Me Down (Mr. Blue Sky: The Very Best of ELO)
Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (Screaming for Vengeance)
Manchester Orchestra – April Fool (Simple Math)
Middle Class Rut – Busy Being Born (No Name No Color)
Murderdolls – Whatever you got, I’m Against It (Women and Children Last)

Not bad. We don’t know about you, but bands like Beady Eye don’t scream “NHL hockey” to us, but what do we know? We’re still trying to get Foxy Shazam’s “Unstoppable” out of our heads after last year.

It’s understandable, but always disappointing, that EA can’t get the rights to every goal song to make the game truly authentic.  Last year it was always a little disorienting to see the Bruins score and have the “Ole Ole” song start playing. The same holds true for hearing “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” in Montreal. However, it doesn’t look like NHL 12 will include any team-specific songs.

What we’d really like to see, however, are authentic songs when teams come on the ice. Compare this:

To this:

Sure, we only watch the intros once before skipping them before every other game, but the authentic songs would be cool. We may even watch them regularly if they were any good. For what it’s worth, the giant shark head in San Jose will be in NHL 12:

Now we’re praying that they eventually update the commentary. Hearing “Michalek” pronounced “Mick-a-lick” and “Stajan” as “Stay-yon” was funny the first time. Now it makes us want to cry.

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  1. Sound tracks always look like they are going to be terrible on paper but once you are flipping through menus, they always kick ass. NHL games could probably throw in some music from the 40′s and it would totally make it modern again.

    You’ve got another thing comin’!

  2. Oh god, the announcers on the NHL series are just terrible and some of the names they mis-pronounce are just asinine…

  3. It’s sad, because Gary Thorne’s a really good hockey announcer, but he’s horrible in the games.

    Whereas the 2K series has authentically robotic Bob Cole commentary. Sometimes I think CBC has the game do commentary when Cole needs a night off, since no one could possibly notice the difference and they both make the same number of mistakes.

  4. Also, the Kings had better show up via the castle. That’s all I’m saying.

    (This is my NHL year – I alternate it with NCAA Football – so I care about it this time. And we all know the even years are better, right? :))

  5. Beady Eye is a great choice for NHL 12, my favorite song on the soundtrack by far!

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