A former Philadelphia Flyers pest and all around sh*t disturber, Dan “Car Bomb” Carcillo, continues his summer tour of issuing insults, this time taking aim at the Philadelphia media. Here’s what Carcillo had to say about Philly scribes in a Chicago Sun-Times interview:

Is the Philly media as tough as they say it is?

Yeah. It’s ridiculous. . . . If you lose, people look for excuses, and they nitpick. They make stories out of nothing. It’s unfortunate. That’s just the way it is. It’s kind of their culture. People are kind of outspoken and rude.

Carcillo ruffled some feathers by calling out the Vancouver Canucks during his first media address with the Chicago Blackhawks. What do you think, are Carcillo’s comments on the Philadelphia media out of line or on point?