More NHL 12 Legends Announced

As we’ve mentioned before, legends are coming to NHL 12. Last week the first three legends in the game were announced: Wayne Gretzky, Ray Bourque and Chris Chelios. Today, new legends videos have been released announcing more NHL legends.

First, came this video:

Steve Yzerman and Borje Salming are coming to NHL 12. The video even teases putting Yzerman in a Lightning jersey and having him play alongside Steven Stamkos. But EA didn’t stop there.

Patrick Roy and Jeremy Roenick were announced via this video that won’t embed properly for some reason.

There’s no word on whether or not Roy will be able to hear Roenick in this game.

Not that it will matter to the gameplay at all, but it bothers us a bit that Patrick Roy’s iconic Montreal Canadiens mask was not properly duplicated for the game.

That would have been nice.

According to the Legends teaser graphic, there are two more spots for legends in the game. After watching the first video, you’d have to assume that Mario Lemieux will be one of those two remaining legends. Who will take the other spot? Mark Messier? Pavel Bure? Gordie Howe? Paul Coffey?

As pointed out on Puck Daddy last week, the Xbox achievements page for NHL 12 contains achievements named “Magnificent Mario,” “The Great One,” “Mr. Hockey” and “Russian Rocket.” Are Howe and/or Bure coming? The final two legends will be announced tomorrow.

We’ll be watching every little aspect that leaks about this game for the next little while, like the good video game- and hockey-obsessed fans that we are.

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  1. Just read the acheviments. They are bringing back the goalie fight!!!!!!!!!

  2. How can they go with Ray Bourque over Bobby Orr?

  3. @ overload completely agree I think EA has tried to get the best legends in the game but because of rights they can’t

  4. Amount of time it will take me to get Gretzky into Kings jersey: roughly 0.00004 seconds.

  5. Judging by the shadow silhouette, i’m going to guess that is Messier. That head is too round to be anyone else.

  6. its gordie howe, without a helmet.

  7. its gordie howe without a helmet on the right, look at his bald head, and he played in the era of no helmets – unlike Messier, the other on left is pavel bure and lemieux from left to right

  8. also, gordie howes old wide bowing shin pads

  9. They really had to reach to find a Leafs legend, huh? I mean, Borje Salming is an extremely important player in NHL history and one of the great all-time defensemen to be sure, but his inclusion before other non-Leafs legends is kind of funny. But of course, they had to throw a bone to the center of the universe by including a Leaf.

    Also can’t believe they’d go with Bourque before Orr, or Chelios rather than Bobby Hull or Stan Mikita, heck even though I’m a Bruins fan I’ll say they should’ve included Guy LaFleur, Maurice Richard, or Jean Beliveau before putting in some of these guys (Roenick, really?)

    About the only ones I have no problem with are Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe and Roy.

  10. If it’s Bourque vs Orr, fine, Orr would be better. But is anyone actually suggesting Bourque doesn’t belong there? It’s tough to rank players over different eras, but I think it wouldn’t be hard to put Bourque #3 behind Orr and Doug Harvey. Sure, there’s other options, but he’s a damn good defender.

    It’s not like EA Sports is saying “here’s the ## best NHL players ever”, they’re just saying “here’s ## really f***ing good players”.

    Salming is a funny one though.

  11. Good point Mr. Smith, I sort of thought the same thing after I commented. I have a vintage Bourque jersey in my closet right now and he’s probably the 3rd or 4th best d-man of all time (might have to put Lidstrom ahead of him) – so he’s totally deserving. Just weird seeing him but not Bobby Orr there, because really, how badass would it be to go end-to-end with Bobby Orr in a video game even just once!! :D

  12. Does anyone really care about this? I could careless…EA isn’t trying hard at all. If I want Yzerman or Gretzky I can create them.


  14. I really hope that Bure and Forsberg will be in legends but probably not.. My guess is Lemieux and Messier

  15. What’s the point of having legends if it’s only a random group of 9? They should have done at least one per team or perhaps a full squad of legends.

  16. NM has the right idea here! Who cares who they picked? They could have tried something different to get our money! We can make any of these players ourselves!

  17. There must be a ton of things EA could do to actually make the game better way before adding random old time players in for no real reason.

    They are not needed.

    There are enough glitches and mistakes in their products that should be worked on imo before doing this.

    It’s desperate.

    At least provide a set of actual teams from the past instead of odd players here and there.

    Make an old school league up or something as a separate game.

    Oh and fix your online gaming! That would be much more important!

  18. You cannot just make the players yourself in the game. You could give them the same name and number but this gives us players who look right and for many of us that counts. These are just nine legends… it’s a far cry from what they should be doing… ie: giving us historical rosters like 2K has done with their basketball game. I don’t want just Salming.. I want the whole 79 leafs with Daryl Sitler and Lanny McDonald, I want the 84 Oilers I want the Bruins with Orr in his Prime etc… But this is a good start I guess.

    Slaming is my favorite all time player, I have his vintage jersey ten feet from me as I write this. So they sold me on the game but not many can say that.

  19. i can probably think of at least 25 others that should be there . mabey they only picked a handfull because there would be too many from the same teams: montreal, boston, detroit ..sti think every team could have a legend, even the florida panthers could have “the beezer” back. i would also love to see Bobby Clarke`s toothless smile.

  20. and what about broduer 85 overall come on he (in my opinion) is the best goalie of all time and still playing is part in New jersey as the starting goaltender!

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