While most of the hockey world was concerned with the future of the game and attending day two of the Research, Orientation and Development Camp, our very own Scott Lewis is playing Xbox.

He’s at the Xbox ’11 event RIGHT NOW watching EA Sports show off NHL 12. The game’s final two legends were revealed at the event and, as you can see from that image above, they are Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe.

Now that we’ve seen a goal scored by Lemieux and assisted by Howe and Gretzky, we can die happy.

It looks like Howe and Lemieux are the final two legends in the game. The other legends revealed to date are Wayne Gretzky, Ray Bourque, Chris Chelios, Steve Yzerman, Borje Salming, Patrick Roy and Jeremy Roenick.

It doesn’t look like Mark Messier made the cut.

It seems like the game features an “all legends team” that you can play as.

NHL 12 Legend Jeremy Roenick is at the event.  He said if he could make someone’s head bleed in NHL 12, it would be Patrick Roy. No idea if Roy could hear him.

We’ll update this post if anything else exciting happens, but it looks like your NHL 12 Legends line-up is set. We expect to see a new EA video promoting the additions some time today. What do you think of the legends chosen?

EDIT: The new video has arrived. Sorry if it auto-plays for you.


It looks like Howe will be playing without a helmet, which makes sense because that’s how he played. Most of the time. It also has Lemieux winning the Cup as the captain of the Leafs, which is just wrong on multiple levels.

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  1. Hello?… Where is Bobby Orr? Bobby Hull? Guy LaFleur? Brett Hull? Larry Robinson? Terry Sawchuck? Jacques Plante?
    Why… Jeremy Roenick? Borje Salming? Chris Chelios?

  2. you think they had to get permission from those retired players, deceased players’ families, and/or the nhlpa to use them in the game?

  3. Hahaha no montreal players take that!!!!!


  5. No Montreal player ??? PATRICK ROY !!!!!

  6. No Dit Clapper? Eddie Shore?
    Why, back in MY day, I can tell you … ZZzzzz

  7. I’m really impressed with how this was revealed. Not every “legend” is going to be wholly accepted by everyone, but they’ve assembled a very good starting point. Hopefully this feature will be continued and expanded in future games.

    Including Salming was pure genius. He appeals to delusional Leaf fans, and he’s a still a very prominent figure in Swedish hockey world.

    Watching Mario win a cup in a Leaf jersey in the final teaser just wasn’t cool though.

  8. Lemieux as a Leaf? That’s ridiculous. That promo is likely directed towards the Toronto market, but is way off the mark. It’s just as much an insult to Leaf fans as it is to Penguin fans.
    I am not a Toronto fan but there have some legends that have played for the city. Keon, Sittler, Sundin, Salming?

  9. If you instigate a fight does Mario tear off his jersey and run out of the building?

  10. No Joe Sakic! C’mon EA

  11. they should add legends through out the year by putting it as a add on you could download variety pack of 5 or 5 from every team, ie example 1)messier,2)coffey3)kurri4)gretzky5)fuhr and even anderson also 1)lafleur2)shutt3)robinson4)dryden5)richard 1)orr2)cheevers3)esposito4)bouque5)neely and so on it is a no brainer. also another cool thing would be if during intermissions they went into the dressing rooms and say the coach or captain talking or yeling at the players like in 24/7 that would sell the game even more to the fans of hockey.

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