Dustin Tokarski's "Tick" mask

Goalie mask artist David Arrigo continues to tickle our inner nerd with his latest goalie mask for Tampa Bay Lightning prospect Dustin Tokarski. The former 5th round pick of the Lightning’s nickname is “Tick”, so it only makes sense that he’d opt to reference the master of head injuries of the same name from the popular comic book and animated TV series.

From Arrigo’s site:

His helmet for the 2011-12 season references this nickname with the prominent display of The Tick character from the hilarious animated series.

The back plate on the helmet is tribute to his Grandpa who supported him throughout his hockey career.

If there is some form of higher power out there, then we trust it would make certain that Dustin Tokarski cracks the Tampa roster for us to see this mask in NHL action. Please don’t let us down.