One of the most interesting parts of the offseason is waiting for all of the new jersey designs to come out. Icethetics is like candy for jersey geeks and they have put together some concepts of the upcoming uniform changes. One of the more interesting concepts is the new Toronto Maple Leafs third jersey seen above.

It’s based on the jerseys that the Leafs wore in 1967. Of course, that was the last time the team won the Stanley Cup. Members of that team wore similar jerseys in 2007 at a ceremony celebrating the 40th anniversary of that Stanley Cup win.

It makes sense to celebrate those years and the Cup win for the Leafs.  There were some rumours a while ago that the team would wear a design similar to the one that wore in the 1970s and 1980s, but this look represents a much more successful era of Leafs hockey.

And the Leafs aren’t the only team that will have a new look next season. The New York Islanders will also wear a new third jersey and, to be honest, it’s horribly awful.We get that they’re trying to borrow from the New York Mets and the New York Knicks, but we might actually prefer the “fish sticks jersey” to this mess. Both Puck Daddy and Icethetics mentioned this change in the past, but apparently the image above is the final version and a few changes have been made. Maybe it will look better once we actually see it on a player, but that concept looks pretty bad. The Islanders made a good move when they introduced their throwback jerseys a couple of years ago and now they’ve taken above a million steps backwards with this latest design.

At least it’s not blue and white with a circular logo on the front.Back on the positive side, the Senators are saying goodbye to the “SENS” jerseys in favor of a retro look. They will be wearing the jersey to celebrate the team’s 20th anniversary. The look pays tribute to the former Ottawa Senators franchise that played in the NHL between 1917 and 1934.

Several others teams will have new looks as well. The Oilers will be wearing a white version of their blue throwbacks as their away jersey next year. The Panthers will have a new red home jersey and some minor modifications will be made to their white road jersey. The Kings will wear black and white full time and the Predators will have a completely new look. The Lightning will have a brand new look as well. The Pittsburgh Penguins will make their 2011 Winter Classic jerseys their third and retire the powder blues from the 2008 Classic.

The Jets? No one knows. They’re going to have generic jerseys in NHL 12, likely due to a deadline issue. We’re guessing that they’ll have a jersey someday, but we don’t know when that day will arrive.

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    As a Leafs fan, I love the Sens’ third jersey, with its big fat ZERO in the middle, representing how many Stanley Cups Ottawa has won, and will ever win.

  2. @Navin
    good one. But really the leafs should have gone with the zero, that’s how many playoff appearances they’ve made in the last 6 years! hahahahaha

  3. @truth

    and who was higher in the standings last year? leafs or sens. i dont think you should talk about the leafs when the sens are much, much worse…

  4. Sens wont be worse for very long, check their prospects and youth on their roster. Oh and the Sens have won 11 Cups in their history – including the first listed on the Cup I think.

  5. If any of today’s teams played back when the Leaf’s won their cups, back when there were only 6-12 teams, its almost a guarantee they would have won a large amount of Stanley Cups too. I think some people need to stop living in the past. Its great if you want to re-live your teams’ history and cherish it, but to hang onto something that happened before any of today’s NHL players were even conceived, and attempt to rub it in someone’s face is foolish.

  6. “Sens wont be worse for very long, check their prospects and youth on their roster. ”

    They have the 16th-best prospect rating according to HockeysFuture, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone raving about their young talent. They certainly don’t have any stars in the making – Jared Cowen and David Rundblad aren’t bad, but if Lehner doesn’t pan out, they’ve got NOTHING in the system in goal.

    They’re one of the teams (along with the Oilers) that should be besieging the Kings with offers for Bernier right before he goes RFA next year. He’d instantly be the best goalie in the system.

  7. Look at the past 10 yrs, and see who finished ahead in the standings…

    even though thats totally irrelevant.

    The Laffs always make a big deal about dudes like Kyle Wellwood, Alex Steen and Matt Stajan up front, Carlo Coliacovo on defense and Justin Pogge in net.

    Where are these bums now? and to think they almost named Schenn captain before Phaneuf came in…Schenn is crap, what has he done?

    At least it Ottawa makes a big deal about a guy like Karlsson, he lives up to it…Cant wait for Cowen to come in and rake some leafs…

  8. Claiming the old Silver Seven and pre-Original Six Cups for the current Senators is weaksauce. They’re not the same franchise. It would be like Justin Beiber writing a song with Paul McCartney and then claiming that he was in the Beatles.

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