Mr. Big would like to help Canadians achieve their big deal potential so they’ve enlisted the help of Alex Ovechkin. The result is something of a cure for the broken heartedness of those affected by The Great 8′s departure from his talking head role with CCM.

Ovechkin will be supplying the laughs over the course of the next week and promoting chocolate bars in the process. More on Ovechkin’s role in the Mr.Big Deal campaign:

Ovechkin’s presence will be seen and heard by hockey fans across Canada. His face is on the wrapper of Mr. Big candy bars (see attached image), Ovie’s presence is all over Mr. Big’s Facebook page, and his life lessons can be viewed on YouTube and national TV (September) . The YouTube channel will reveal all 7 videos by the end of next week.

Canadians interested in becoming bigger deals can enter online for their chance to win one-of-3 Life Coach Experiences with Alex simply by visiting and entering a UPC code found on one of the chocolate bars (image attached). Fans will also have a chance at winning a Mr.Big prize pack by playing games that feature Alex Ovechkin. These are located on the Facebook page.

The first full length spot is titled The Portal:

Could the cause of “Fat Ovechkin” be unlimited access to Mr. Big bars for him to gobble? More chocolate coated nunchucks, please!