As someone whose athletic ability now consists of walking two blocks to work and occasionally playing in beer league hockey with men 20 years my senior, I feel qualified to give a medical opinion. So please recall my prognosis on Patrick Kane when he first went under the knife for wrist surgery in mid-July.

Over his four NHL seasons that have been highlighted by a Stanley Cup, the Calder Trophy, and 303 points in 317 games, Kane has been consistently healthy, so there shouldn’t be much concern for Hawks fans about this injury potentially effecting his soft hands even after his recovery.

Kane has missed just 12 regular season games, two of which were due to the flu.

That’s all still true, and there’s still no reason to believe that one of Chicago’s key cogs won’t make a full and complete recovery. It’s just going to take a little longer than expected, that’s all.

The real medical opinion from a real, qualified medical person pegged Kane’s original rehabilitation time at six-to-eight weeks. The worst case scenario then had the winger fully healed and ready for sleepovers hockey activity by mid-September, just in time for training camp.

Now that’s changed, or it least it has according to the Kaner.

Kane spoke to the FAN 590 today, and said that although his recovery is going well, it’s not coming along quite as quickly as he expected. His target date was originally the start of training camp, a date that GM Stan Bowman had also circled. Now that’s been pushed back, with Kane aiming for the start of the regular season and Chicago’s opener on Oct. 7 against the Dallas Stars.

Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune caught the interview this morning and relayed Kane’s self-diagnosis:

“I still have a little cast on so it’s probably a little bit longer. I’m not really going to rush anything, we still have a lot of time. My goal is to be ready for the opening regular-season game. Obviously, you’d like to be back in training camp but more importantly the date is Oct. 7 for our first regular season game. That’s kind of the date I’m working for. There’s really no rush because things are going pretty well right now.”

Kane also said that he’s been doing some one-handed skating.

“With the wrist injury all I’ve really been able to do is kind of skate by myself, not really with full equipment on, just kind of been skating with one hand out there. You still have to skate That’s kind of part of our job in the summer is to get ourselves ready anyway we can. That’s what I’m doing right now. Usually at this time of year I’d probably be skating with some of the (Buffalo) Ssabres whether it’s just playing shinny or regular four-on-four games, which are always pretty fun to kind of help you get ready for the season. That’s what I’d usually be doing but this summer has been a little bit different.”

Our medical opinion still remains the same, and although it’s mildly concerning that Kane has discretely pushed his target date back, his injury still isn’t even remotely close to inducing Crosby-level paranoia.

But if Kane has another setback, he should probably consider retirement.