If you were on Twitter or Facebook around 2pm EDT today, you likely watched your timeline or wall explode with earthquake-related messages. Sure, you may have felt the actual earthquake itself, depending on where you are, but the social media explosion was far more powerful and long-lasting.

As with all life-changing events, this earthquake impacted the world of sports. In the NFL world, the Pittsburgh Steelers vowed to bravely carry on their practice today, despite the quake. The hockey world was affected as well.

From “Sidney Crosby’s concussion and the earthquake” Tweets to “Toronto war room” jokes, hockey fans on Twitter jumped on this opportunity to blame Kyle Wellwood for the earthquake.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. There were some disruptions and minor issues on the east coast, but we’re not aware of any serious damage, so in our minds that means it’s okay for the jokes to start flowing.

Here’s some of our favourite hockey/earthquake jokes of the day.