Our good friend Justin from Days of Y’Orr spotted this on the sandwich board at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse in Brookline, and he was left less than impressed by the makeup of the Tim Thomas. Everybody who’s anybody knows Timmy’s sandwich would have to be a cheeseburger. Anyway, all this sandwich talk got us thinking about two of our favourite things… NHL players and sandwiches.

Here are several other NHL sandwiches that we think would make excellent additions to any restaurant’s menu:

The Brad Marchand: Roasted onion stuffed trout with a Labatt 50 reduction, simmered in vodka and served between two slices of Jack Daniels infused ciabatta bread.

The Alex Ovechkin: Only the finest grilled Grade ‘A’ Beef, topped with the best mozzarella money can buy and stuffed between two slices of freshly baked bread. A crowd favourite, renowned for its full flavour and girth. Not available after May 15.

The Roberto Luongo: Pulled chicken sandwiched between two slices of fresh bread, served with our special deflated tire fries. Poetic in nature. Doesn’t travel well, not available on delivery.

The Georges Laraque: Balsamic roasted eggplant, tempeh bacon, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil and arugula rolled into a tortilla.

The Carey Price: A classic smoked meat sandwich.

The Lou Lamoriello: For the wee ones, a jam sandwich.

The Ed Belfour: No one knows the exact ingredients because its $1,000,000,000 price tag renders it unattainable.

The Mike Sillinger: A sampler’s dream. A continuous supply of sliders that can be swapped at the customer’s will.

The Pascal Leclaire: Two slices of crumbly bread stuffed with nothing but eggshells and peanut butter brittle.

We could keep going…

Comments (7)

  1. No Swiss cheese in the Luongo?

  2. Dammit! Should added some Swiss cheese to the leaky Luongo sandwich.

  3. The Sidney Crosby: One of our most popular sandwiches, this choice is currently missing from the menu. We are unfortunately unsure when it will return.

  4. I brought up the Swiss Cheese on the Luongo sandwich on the DOY site, so that is taken care of.

    The Shawn Thornton – A roast beef with sauce on an onion roll that is just smashed into your face. (Normally you get the roast beef with sauce and cheese. However there isn’t any cheese to Shawn’s game and no cheese on his sandwich)

  5. The Patrick Kaleta: Small Buffalo Chicken (not too spicy, with very little bite to it),
    served with a side salad, with a vinegar and water dressing.

  6. The Sean Avery; A turd placed in between 2 soggy pieces of bread, topped with sausage, blue cheese dressing served with a glass of homogenized milk; Sloppy Seconds available upon request

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