Want a Winnipeg Jets jersey? Of course you do! Unfortunately, the team hasn’t released the design yet. But that hasn’t stopped eBay! No one knows what the jerseys will look like… except this guy! Of course, he’s probably completely wrong and the quality of the jersey is likely crap, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying $70+ for it, should it? Of course not! The seller also has one available in white if you want to complete the knock-off collection.

But that random eBay seller isn’t the only person who is trying to cash in on the Jets.

Maybe this is where that guy on eBay got that jersey from. Either way, this jersey design has been appearing all over the Internet recently. One site even went far enough to include Dale Hawerchuk’s name on the back of one of these disasters.

We don’t normally buy knockoff jerseys, but when we do they’re of terrible quality and made for players who’ve never worn that particular jersey. They’re also photographed on a tattered green background, because that’s the best possible way to present a jersey.

What a bad knockoff.

Do yourself a favour and please do not buy one of these, no matter how badly you want a Winnipeg Jets jersey. Not only will you not be supporting the actual Winnipeg Jets, but you’re going to look pretty silly wearing this mess when the actual jerseys come out. Apparently this design is “not even close” to the real one. A while ago Icethetics broke down this “leak” and showed how it’s likely just a recoloured Columbus Blue Jackets jersey.

Also, while we’re shooting down rumours, this supposed “leaked graphic” from NHL 12 isn’t real either.

As for the real jerseys?

“The authentic jerseys won’t be available until October, and replica jerseys likely not until November. That comes from the manufacturer,” said Scott Brown, director of communications for True North Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Jets.

Nevertheless, photos purporting to be leaks of the new Jets jerseys have been circulating on the Internet for weeks.

Brown said a common one showing a dark blue jersey with the main plane logo in the middle is “not even close” to legitimate. The same goes for any other supposed sneak previews.

As unlikely as it seems right now, one day the new Winnipeg Jets will have a jersey design. Apparently it won’t look like these knockoffs and it definitely won’t have Dale Hawerchuk’s name on the back. We’ll all just have to wait.

Of course, there’s a little conspiracy theory aspect to all of this. What if this design actually was leaked in advance and the knockoffs started flooding the market before the Jets could release the official jerseys? That would explain the long delay of the jersey unveiling since the team would need to design a new jersey from scratch. Sure, that theory likely isn’t true, but the Jets logo was leaked in advance so anything is possible… but probably not.

Either way, the mystery surrounding the Jets jerseys have given hockey fans something to talk about at the end of August, so we’re happy about that.

In other Jets news, the team has called a media conference for this afternoon. The conference will likely be to announce the team’s television and radio deal, not the new jerseys.