According to reports, Dustin Byfuglien had himself a brush with the law in Hennepin County, Minnesota on Wednesday night. Darren Wolfson was the first to tweet the news that Byfuglien was arrested for operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol. Perhaps what’s most alarming about this report, more so than the actual arrest, is Byfuglien’s weight being reported at 286 pounds! What have you been up to this offseason, Dustin Byfuglien?

The Winnipeg Jets defenseman reportedly refused a breathalyzer. Documentation of the arrest has Byfuglien being released from custody at 2:23 AM.

Reports of Byfuglien’s drunken boating and bulging frame are not what Jets fans wanted to hear as the city of Winnipeg prepares for the return of NHL hockey. At 6’5″ and a listed weight of 265 pounds (Wolfson stated he played at 245), “Big Buff” is truly a large specimen in the NHL. Unless he spent the summer building muscle, we can expect him to show up to training camp carrying a spare tire… or two.

This calls for some Photoshopping!

Buff Bastard

Buff on a Mission

King Hippo Buff