After months of waiting and numerous knockoffs surfacing daily, the Winnipeg Jets finally unveiled their NHL jerseys. Team captain Andrew Ladd, Mark Stuart, Nik Antropov, and Eric Fehr emerged from a cargo plane to showoff the team’s official look.

The Jets and the NHL had to combat the parade of knockoffs for most of the summer, and in the end the official sweaters don’t look all that different from some of the concepts that popped up online.

Here’s what one of the more popular knockoffs looked like:

And for the nostalgia buffs, here’s a reminder of the 90s era Jets sweaters:

So, what say you? Did the Winnipeg Jets get it right with their new look, or would you have preferred the old logo and colour scheme? If there’s any symmetry to be had between the Jets and the Canadian military’s aircraft, then these sweaters will likely require replacing in a matter of years anyhow.

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  1. At least the knockoffs utilized colors beyond blue.

  2. Not having them for sale right away is just inviting more counterfeiters.

    I like them though. The sleeve stripes on the white aren’t great and about six other teams have blue jerseys with circle logos and neck ties, but they’re otherwise good.

  3. Bland. True North should bookmark, they had a bunch of beautiful concepts. These are about as bland as an NHL jersey can be. Not terrible, just… blah. Kinda like their logo I guess.

  4. It looks like they just walked out of Dustin Byfuglien’s mouth

  5. A couple seasons from now they will introduce a retro third jersey that will be based on one of the designs of the old Jets franchise.
    Then a couple seasons after that, once attendance has gone down a bit and the team needs a pick-me-up, they will transition into those being full-time.
    It’s only a matter of time until we see the old Jets jerseys back in the NHL.

  6. Old jerseys are 100x better. These ones are just plain.. meh. Could have done WAY better with a bit more thought. Instead, I think they rushed into this too fast. Too bad that the Phoenix Coyotes most likely own the rights to the older jerseys.

    Regardless. Good to have hockey back in Winnipeg.

  7. In a couple of season when attendance starts to go down, then if that happens this team is going South again, they need a near sell out for all games no matter what. This is a great look that they have going back to any of the old looks, when either of the old looks didn’t produce a winner, this is a great fresh start.

  8. One word. Boring.

  9. Fairly dull, but that’s what the entire operation seems to be built around. They’re Generic Canadian Hockey Team 101.

  10. They did nothing for me when I first saw ‘em, but they’ve quickly grown on me.

    It’s smart that they’ve under-designed them. This way they don’t need to tone them down when jersey trends change in two years. Basic colours are there, the basic blocking makes sense, and the sleeve-striping is somewhat unique in the league. The only thing unoriginal (and entirely ‘on-trend’ in the NHL) is the two-tone Argo blues. But whatever. They could’ve been so much worse. The real problem is obviously the fucking endless military-pandering. Walking out of a fighter jet?! Are they gonna parade their first cup win* in tanks?

    *in 2000 and never

  11. @DL
    Good comment until the end.. They didn’t walk out of a fighter jet, they stood beside one. And they have an association/relationship with the AIR FORCE, last time I checked tanks couldn’t fly.

  12. @bdub

    …well they walked out of some kinda military plane (watch the TSN clip). And re the tank/cup comment – it’s called hyperbole.

  13. I dunno about everyone else but this logo could easily be a prestige symbol on Call of Duty

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