After months of waiting and numerous knockoffs surfacing daily, the Winnipeg Jets finally unveiled their NHL jerseys. Team captain Andrew Ladd, Mark Stuart, Nik Antropov, and Eric Fehr emerged from a cargo plane to showoff the team’s official look.

The Jets and the NHL had to combat the parade of knockoffs for most of the summer, and in the end the official sweaters don’t look all that different from some of the concepts that popped up online.

Here’s what one of the more popular knockoffs looked like:

And for the nostalgia buffs, here’s a reminder of the 90s era Jets sweaters:

So, what say you? Did the Winnipeg Jets get it right with their new look, or would you have preferred the old logo and colour scheme? If there’s any symmetry to be had between the Jets and the Canadian military’s aircraft, then these sweaters will likely require replacing in a matter of years anyhow.