Hockey Jersey Originality

It was with great fanfare and anticipation that the Winnipeg Jets officially unveiled their jerseys earlier this week. For the record, they’re nice jerseys that will look great on the ice. They look like traditional hockey jerseys and they suit the franchise well.

However, they’re not the most original uniforms out there.

The dark blue/light blue/sometimes both at the same time look with a circle logo and a tie on the neck is currently used by a number of NHL teams, either as a primary or an alternate jersey. Florida, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Columbus all have very similar looks. The Buffalo Sabres also have a dark blue jersey with a tie and a circle logo, but their look is a return to an older logo, so you can’t really blame them for jumping on a trend. Though it’s a different shade of blue, the Lightning’s new jerseys also have a circle logo and a tie on the neck. We’re sure other teams will soon join in on the action.

It makes sense why this trend is so popular right now: It’s a good look.

This style manages to look retro (which is quite popular now) while also managing to be stylish and “cool.” The designs look great on the ice and on fans. Clearly the concept is popular with people who purchase jerseys, because teams keep making them. That means that people must keep buying them. We’ve discussed the retro trend before and it’s what is hot right now. Teams are jumping on this style because it sells.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a large style trend sweep over the NHL and it definitely won’t be the last. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, black was the colour of choice among NHL franchises. Everyone from the Philadelphia Flyers and the Buffalo Sabres to the Calgary Flames and the Washington Capitals abandoned their traditional colour schemes in favour of black. Of course, the trend eventually went too far and things slowly changed back.

That’s likely what we will see in this case as well.Several months ago Puck Drawn put together a template for designing a new third jersey and it was sadly accurate. Blue is a big deal in hockey right now, so it would make sense that the Winnipeg Jets would want to get in on the action while they can. The fact that blue was in the original Jets colour scheme as well as the Atlanta Thrashers colour scheme makes going with the colour an easy choice. The fact that it’s trendy right now only sweetens the deal.

DL in the comments of our Jets jersey post made an excellent point regarding the jerseys:

This way they don’t need to tone them down when jersey trends change in two years. Basic colours are there, the basic blocking makes sense, and the sleeve-striping is somewhat unique in the league. The only thing unoriginal (and entirely ‘on-trend’ in the NHL) is the two-tone Argo blues. But whatever. They could’ve been so much worse.

They’re nice jerseys and they’re trendy. The thing with trends is that they eventually end and everyone moves on to something new. So what will the next NHL jersey trend be? Will teams stick with primary colours and turn to red? Will green make its long-awaited return to the league?

Maybe the Predators are pioneers who will drag yellow into the forefront for a couple of years. We’ll have to wait and see.