NHL 12 is available on September 13 and we’ve spent quite a lot of time talking about the game in anticipation of the launch. However today we figured we’ve switch gears and take a look at NHL players who’ve played a starring role in a non-NHL video game.

What, you didn’t think that ever happened? Take a look at Super Mario Bros. up there. You can clearly see that Mario Lemieux is ready to stomp some Goombas but good. However, Mario Lemieux isn’t the only hockey star to cross over into the video game world.

Don’t believe us? Read on!

 The Legend of St. Louis

Martin St. Louis won’t let the many dangers in the land of Hyrule or his own small stature stop him from partaking on an epic quest.

Street Fighter II: Sid VS. Ovi Edition

The NHL’s fiercest rivalry spills out into the streets in Street Fighter II: Sid VS. Ovi Edition.

Angry Avery

Sometimes Sean Avery gets angry. Thankfully now he can take his anger out on pigs who live in a variety of structures and not the Hollywood Police (no, we’re not going to make that joke.)

Green Theft Auto

Mike Green takes what he learned from his Vespa on HBO’s 24/7 and he heads to the streets of Liberty City in this violent game.


Kyle Wellwood eats stuff. That’s the game.

Resident Chara

Screaming Chara really is EVERYWHERE!