Edmonton Oilers goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin opened up with Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal on his time spent in Arizona’s Tent City for a drunk driving conviction. The 38-year old goaltender learned the hard way that incarceration is worse than tending goal for the lowly Oilers.

The Bulin wall on his unique summer experience:

“I’m not going to lie … it wasn’t much fun and I learned my lesson. It was pretty hot there and you have boundaries and you have to do certain things. It’s not what people are used to.”

And on the horrors of the Arizona heat and prison food:

“One day it was 108 degrees in the shade without AC. We could get water from a vending machine [area] … that was the only place that was cool. You would try to spend an extra five minutes there. I tried it [the food] once and I didn’t want to try it again. The first 48 hours I was there, I lost six or seven pounds. That is just sitting on a bed, laying around.”

As for proving to the Oilers organization and fans that he’s got something left:

“The only way is to go on the ice and prove I can still play. It comes down to when the games start. If I do well, everybody will be happy. If not, then I guess not.”

Although he could not be reached for comment, we’re betting Ilya Bryzgalov would take Tent City over Winnipeg any day of the week.


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