A little bit of Rick Moldovanyi just died inside when Katie Strang reported that Alexei Yashin WILL NOT be attending training camp with the New York Islanders. Any dreams we had of the NHL adopting the KHL’s Team Jagr vs. Team Yashin All-Star Game format have been dashed by this announcement.

Worry not for Yashin, though. He’ll still collect a $2.204 million from the Islanders this season, but we have to admit that the prospect of the club paying him twice was something that we were really holding out for.

The former 2nd overall pick of the Ottawa Senators was the subject of much speculation (or comedy) this summer when he expressed interest in returning to the NHL. Although his agent held talks with the Islanders, alas it appears that nothing could be worked out. Yashin has spent the last four years playing in the KHL, but it’s uncertain if he will be returning to the league.

There is still a chance that Yashin returns to North America to play hockey, but it won’t be with the Islanders. We’re not sure there’s another team crazy enough to take a chance on him, though.